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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 17, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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a heart broken community says their final goodbye to two of the young victims at the connecticut school shooting. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. shock and grief are still strong in newtown connecticut today as people come to terms with the shooting death of 20 children and six adults at sandy hook elementary school on friday. as nicole collins reports, amidst the morning, more facts facts are coming to light about the young man who carried out the killing. >> reporter: three days after one of the worst school shootings in u.s. history the grieving community holds one of the first funeral services. two young victims laid to rest today. 6-year-old noah posner, loved learning how things work. his stin sister was in a
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different classroom and survived. and jack pinto, also six. a new york giants fan, funerals are planned throughout the week, as the investigation continues. >> we have begun processing the evidence. analyzing the evidence. as i stated yesterday, just to use an example, the weaponry, every single facet of the weapons will be analyzed. >> reporter: police say the shooter, 20-year-old adam lanza, had hundreds of rounds of ammunition. and enough to kill about every student in the school. before heading to sandy hook elementary school, he shot his mother four times in the head at their home. she was still in bed. >> they're continuing to interview witnesses. as i've stated previously and i cannot overstate, there are many, many witnesses that need to be interviewed. >> reporter: president obama attending a vigil in newtown last night, promising to use his power to prevent tragedies like this. >> we can't accept events like this as routine. are we really prepared to say
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that we're powerless in the face of such carnage? >> reporter: investigators are reviewing the contents of the gunman's computer and his phone and credit card records to try to figure out why he carried out this horrific massacre. in newtown, connecticut, nicole collins, fox news. and here is more from president obama's address at last night's inter faith vigil in newtown, connecticut. >> i come to offer the love and prayers of the nation. i am very mindful that mere words cannot match the depths of your sorrow, nor can they heal your wounded hearts. i can only hope it helps for you to know that you're not alone in your grief. >> we can't accept events like this as routine. are we really prepared to say
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that we're powerless in the face of such carnage? that the politics are too hard? are we prepared to say that such violence visited on our children year after year after year is somehow the price of our freedom? >> the governor of connecticut also spoke as did clergy members from several faiths. families of the victims have released some photos of their loved ones. the shooting victims ages range from six to 56 years old. the young lives lost were all six and seven years old. 20 children in all. there were 12 girls and eight boys. investigators say most of the slain children were found inside the same classroom and we're hearing from family members that one of the first grade teachers died shielding her students. the adults who died include the school psychologist as well as teachers and administrators.
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the school principal also died. by all accounts she was a beloved advocate for sandy hook elementary school who witnesses say tried to stop the gunman before she was shot. school administrators here in california are now taking a closer look at security measures, at their own schools. california superintendent expects new talks to begin about metal detectors as well as camera system, fences, and guards on campuses. he has alerted all 1100 public school districts to review safety plans. the archdiocese for catholic schools has not yet called for action. but tighter security has been discussed. the principal at saint cecilia school in san francisco says her school has put up gates in spaces that were once open. >> any gates that we have are pass word protected to get people in. and our doors are as much as possible, we try to have wooden doors where the outside people will be able to come in, so it will be a little harder to
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shoot-out the glass and come in. they would have to come in through a lot of wood first. our number one job besides teaching our students is to make sure that they're safe, that they know they're in a safe place and very much loved. >> according to the superintendent, it is important to note that awareness and training may have saved lives in connecticut. after the columbine killings in colorado in 1999, schools started doing armed intruder drills like earthquake and tornado drills, and officials say you can expect those to increase. we don't know yet when or if sandy hook elementary will reopen. but when the kids do return to classes, they will likely go to an unused school in a town about seven miles south of newtown. that school will be ready to open by wednesday. but no date has been set for the children to resume class. and police will be stationed at that campus. one official says he doubts students will ever go back to sandy hook elementary again. a bay area church is planning an inter faith service
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tonight to reflect on last week's tragedy. the service is set for 7:00 at first presbyterian church of burlingame at 1500 eastton drive. organizers say local religious leaders and public school trustees will attend the service, which will include prayers, readings, and expressions of remembrance and hope. california senator diane finestein says she plans to introduce new legislation banning the types of assault weapons and ammunition used in friday's shooting. fine stein says when congress reconvenes at the beginning of the year, she will push a bill that bans new assault weapons, as well as big clips, drums, and strips of more than 10 bullets. she joins a growing chorus of lawmakers who say it is time to revisit stronger gun control policy, even those who support gun rights. today, senator john mansion, a lifelong member of the national rifle association, said it was time to discuss gun policy and move toward action on gun
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regulation. we set up a special section on our web site, dedicated to the connecticut school shooting. just log on to ktvu .com and click on the tab on the front page. we are getting word into the channel 2 newsroom of a bart station closure. bart officials say the dublin pleasanton station is closed due to an equipment problem at the station. dublin trains will not travel past west dublin station. so this is causing delays for passengers heading east on dublin trains. the police officers who rescued a newborn baby in san francisco are speaking out today. both the child and mother were taken to the hospital. ktvualle rasmus has more on how the police are describing their experience. >> reporter: the police officers are calling it a traumatic experience because the newborn baby almost did not survive but because of their quick response and the knowledge of cpr, the baby is
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in stable condition. the officer's here at the baby station got a standing ovation for their actions. [ applause ] >> reporter: that's officer matt clout on the left and steve grinch on the right and they responded to a call about a newborn baby in distress early wednesday morning in the air of third and mckinen. they found the infant outside wrapped up in a blanket. he was in the arms of a man believed to be a relative of the mother. the infant's face was blue and the baby was not breathing when fers got there and they knew it would take at least 15 minutes for an ambulance to arrive so the two officers decided to race to fs general themselves, and officer grinch performed infant cpr on the newborn lying on his lap in the car. >> abject panic. you find a child who is not breathing and clearly, it was a newborn, and it was obvious it was a newborn. >> i was driving out of my
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peripheral, i could see him doing the cpr and i could hear him crying, and talking to the baby. just telling the baby to come back and breathe. so you know, that is something i will never forget. >> reporter: now, doctors at san francisco general told police the baby boy is in stable condition. although he is still in the hospital. he is expected to be okay. the mother of the infant was found nearby the scene and she was taken to san francisco general last week, and she is known as 39-year-old nicka nash and police say she had cocaine in her system at the time of the baby's birth and charged of one felony count of willful cruelty to a child and one misdemeanor count of failure to provide care for a child. she is expected to be arraigned in court tomorrow. the officers say in the meantime, they would like to go back and visit the baby they rescued and right now they're working to put together some christmas stockings to deliver to him. live in san francisco, ely rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news.
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well, our active pattern continues. this looks like what could be a very interesting week with a multiple situations where we will go from some rain to some really cold, back to some maybe heavy rain toward the end of the week. not a bad front came through this morning. light rain and drizzle and picked up in intensity, the system is going through, it is down to the south bend and already heading east. a lot of it did not show up on radar. but still, this is shaping up to be what could be starting on thursday, and a little bit today, today wasn't much, but friday, saturday, and sunday maybe into monday, mount helena had an inch of rain. and santa rosa, a half of an inch of rain. redwood city a third. and then rodeo, a quarter of an inch. you can see san jose and the santa cruz mountains as well as it is continuing. i haven't seen too much, a quarter of an inch, and three quarters of an inch in the santa cruz mountains. and a little bit around the discovery bay, antioch and livermore. a lot of this is really light. to the north, it is a lot of cloud cover. however, this could be the first of multiple systems to us, and we will talk more about
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that coming up in our weather segment. >> thank you, steve. the rain here in the bay area is coming down in the form of snow in the sierra. here is a live look at the eastbound lanes of interstate 80 and king veil. where the snow has been falling all morning. you can see quite a bit of it on the ground. and a winter storm warning is in effect for the tahoe region through tonight. the contra costa county coroner late this morning confirmed a body found yesterday is that of a man who went missing off maror island last week. east bay regional park district police were notified of the body of point pinol regional shoreline 11:30 yesterday morning. authorities say the body was that of 77-year-old phillip mattingly who went missing on maror island strait last week. there is no word yet how mattingly ended up in the water. walnut creek police are looking for two men who robbed a gas station this morning. the holdup occurred about 5:30 at the chevron station at north main street and park side drive. that's about two blocks from the bart station. and police say the robbers were
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both african-americans in their mid-20s, about 5'10" to six feet tall with thin builds and wearing gloves. and one had long braided hair and a silver hoody and a mask and the other had a dark hoody and they left on foot. investigators are looking for what sparked a fire this morning at an apartment building in oakland's grand lake neighborhood. flames broke out about 7:40 a.m. at the building of warfield avenue. the third floor of the building suffered the worst damage. everyone got out okay but at least four people had to be treated for smoke inhalation. firefighters put the flames out in about 15 minutes. an estimate of the damage is not yet known. well, it was not saint nick, but a man had to be rescued early this morning, after getting stuck in a chimney. it happened around midnight, at a sixth story apartment building on clay street. that's in a laurel heights neighborhood and firefighters had to use special equipment to get the man out. authorities say they have no idea why the man was in the chimney or how he got stuck.
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>> when we arrived we found one person inside the area here. and we utilized the rescue squad. utilized some of their special equipment had. to breach some of the bricks. move enough bricks to facilitate getting him out. >> the man was rushed to the hospital. police have not released information on his condition. but say he is expected to be okay. there may finally be progress in washington. an effort to prevent going over the fiscal cliff and now there is word december 31 may not be a hard and fast deadline. >> and as steve mentioned a rainy start to the day. and he will be back to tell us how long the rain is sticking around. >> we're live in the sunset district, where three robbers entered their way into this home and tied up their victims. we will tell you how the victims are feeling today and what the robbers got away with. q
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we want to update you now on a developing story we told you about just a few minutes ago about the dublin pleasanton bart station. we just learned that station has reopened. bart says the equipment problem that prompted the closure has been resolved. there are signs of progress in washington, d.c., in the fiscal cliff debate. house speaker john boehner is now offering to accept a tax
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increase but only on people making more than $1 million a year. and that falls short of president obama's call to raise tax rates on people with incomes of more than $250,000. and we're now hearing that the december 31 deadline may not be the end of the road after all. >> if we go a few weeks into january, it is not the worst thing. so that americans shouldn't panic about this. >> boehner's offer to raise income tax rates is dependent on entitlement cults including the eligibility aid for medicare and something the democrats including house minority leader nancy pelosi strongly oppose. san francisco police are searching for robbers who pulled off a home invasion robbery overnight. brian flores has more from the reaction of the victims of the frightening crime. good afternoon, brian. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. we talked to the victims earlier this morning who tell us they are doing fine but
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obviously shaken up after three robbers barged into their home and tied them up and stole their belongings. the family members did not want to be on camera but we spoke to a father who lives at the home and tells us that a robbery happened at 2:00 a.m. and he was watching tv while his wife was getting ready for work when all of a sudden three robbers forcibly entered their home. according to san francisco police, one of the robbers appeared to have enter nod a side window and -- entered into a side window and opened the door for the other two to enter. once they got in, they pulled out guns and used electrical or duct tape to tie down the residents of the home, the father, his wife, two adult aged kids and a grandmother while they ransacked it. it is unclear if the window was unlocked or forced it open but san francisco police spent most of this morning gathering any evidence that they could. >> they were wearing masks at the time when this occurred. there is really not a whole lot to go off of right now. this is one of those incidents that happened very quickly. it was a very dynamic situation. we take this very, very
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seriously. we want to make sure that we put a stop to this. because if we can apprehend these suspects we can obviously prevent this from happening again. >> reporter: the victims say the robbers got away with about $500 and some jewelry and purses. and they say the robbers were there for close to an hour. after they left, the victims were able to untie themselves and eventually call police when they got here at about 3:00 in the morning. and now it terms of who police are looking for. the suspect description is a little vague at this point other than they wore masks and possibly armed today. live in the sunset district, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. volunteers were out this morning, at a target store picking up gifts for less fortunate gifts. they took part in a shopping spree organized by a group called dig deep sf that raised more than $50,000 to spend on presents that will be given to children who are often overlooked this time of year. an olympic gold medalist and oakland a's player, were some of the volunteer elves.
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>> just the thought of these kids getting gifts, that they wouldn't have had. just thinking of the smiles they would have on their faces. at first, it started off, i was looking for specific items and now i'm a kid in a candy store. it is wild. i'm like oh, man, i think i would enjoy that. >> the thousands of toys, sporting equipment and clothing and electronics will be donated to the salvation army. and children in shelters. caltrans is alerting coastside drivers to expect delays tonight on devil's slide. one way traffic controls will be in effect starting at 7:00 p.m., on highway 1, between linda mar boulevard and pacifica and devil slide. weather permitting crews will be out repairing damage from this month's rainstorm and they will be doing work to prevent further erosion before the next rainstorms arrive. and the next systems will be here by the end of the week. today, some rain, some light,
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moderate, and occasional heavy bursts later this morning and moving to san jose and santa clara valley and it looks like a lot going on this week. today, we have rain ending now. there could still be some light rain around but the front is moving through and the south, mostly cloudy, cloudy, turning colder tomorrow. and then partly sunny, with a rainy pats certain establish itself saturday and take us into christmas eve and christmas day and i think it will make it. the system that came by wasn't that strong. and really rain in parts of the area. it was 36 this morning. and a rain and snow mix: a lot of cloud cover. and it still a mostly cloudy day. very windy conditions last night. some of that has calmed down but some of the rain continues. there is not a lot. there is a little bit around here around livermore and millipitas, probably on the snow grade and san jose had some pretty good rain for a while but the front is now pushing south toward the santa clara valley but campbell to monterey highway to morgan hill. and it looks like gilroy and the santa cruz mountains as well. to the north, mainly cloud
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cover with light rain. still a cloudy day and on the mild side, i mean the lows were about two or three degrees cooler than this. we haven't traveled very far with the temperatures and the strong southeast wind that is responsible for that. 50s for many. upper 40s by this time tomorrow. it will get much colder. and 36 has been sitting there most of the day here. and generally more rain than snow but some of the higher elevations will pick up some. we're waiting for the really cold air. it will be here starting tuesday, going into tuesday night and then wednesday morning, looks really cold around here. depending on winds and cloud cover but it will be noticeably colder. 50s on the 10th today. and mid to upper and a few low 60s, would not surprise me and especially this warm air mass, compared to where we were last week over us and it does look like that morning rain gives way to some wind but calming down and mostly cloudy and colder and windy on tuesday. cold wednesday morning and then we set up for rain, and thursday the first system and i might be a little optimistic putting sun in there friday but there will be a little bit of a break. saturday into sunday, moderate and heavy rain on sunday, tori.
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snow in the mountains. a colder pattern. >> i was going to ask snow. so skiers will like it. >> great for christmas on the new skis or the board. >> thank you, steve. >> you bet. >> an army of volunteers spread out across the south bay to hand out free holiday meals. hear how many people are receiving the meals and why organizers say they're seeing an uptick in need this year. on your prepaid card?
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introducing chase liquid. the reloadable card with no fee reloads and withdrawals at chase atms. all for one flat monthly fee so there's zero confusion. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. stocks moving higher on wall street following signs of
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progress in the budget talks in washington, d.c. taking a live look at the big board, the dow up 72. and the nasdaq is up 25. s&p is up 11. right now on the south bay, volunteers are distributing holiday meals to thousands of families in need. sacred heart community service in san jose is busy delivering bags of groceries to struggling families. the bags have about 40 pounds of food in them. and include a turkey or ham. organizers say they've seen a 10% increase in requests for assistance from last year. >> we don't want to have to turn anybody away. because still, a lot of people haven't gotten their jobs yet. they're still fighting under very expensive area to live and trying to feed their families. >> sacred heart says it plans to distribute food to about 3200 families during the next three days. if you would like to help in these effort, go to ktuv .com and look for sacred heart. john sasaki has been in the area talking about a first funeral service for the
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littlest victims of the school shooting massacre. a live report tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time we are on. [ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider
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